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Dr. Brittany Patterson

Licensed Psychologist | Author | Trainer | Consultant | Speaker

Male Teacher with Students


I’m on a mission to help adults reframe how they see and support our youth exposed to trauma.  

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My Approach

The predictor of success is not what happens to you, it’s how you respond to it. With this understanding centered, I help youth-serving organizations uncover and develop youths’ strengths and resources so those tools can be used to help them navigate challenges in a meaningful way and pursue what it means to thrive. This is done best by taking a CARE approach:


Create space to have conversations with youth.


 Ask questions to understand youth perspectives and needs.


 Reinforce learning with praise and practice.


Expand their community and access to helpful resources.

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"More important than what youth have experienced is the resiliency they have gained, how strong they are and how inherently common and natural resiliency is. It can be enhanced and embellished by adults who truly love and want to care for our babies."

Dr. Brittany Patterson

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How to Work with Dr. Brittany

How it Works

The protagonist learns how to FIGHT (utilize her feelings, identity, goals. healthy coping and thoughts) to overcome a challenge situation. 

Book a general consultation to receive strategic solutions to help staff learn healthy youth development skills.

Book Dr. Brittany to speak or host a training or workshop around helping adults reframe their thinking around youth exposed to trauma.

Interested in Dr. Brittany assisting with a project, program or training? Book a call to see how Dr. Brittany can best serve you.


Insulted in front of peers, the main character must decide how to deal with her situation by choosing between the “Powerless” and “Powerful” fight. She unknowingly chooses the “Powerless” path where she encounters a series of consequences resulting in self-doubt and feelings of helplessness.

As our protagonist begins to accept self-defeat, friends encourage her to fight in a different way and model how to focus on Feelings, Identity, Goals, Healthy Coping, and Thoughts (FIGHT) when faced with a difficult situation. The story concludes with the main character re-considering her options and responding to a final question: “Which fight will you choose?”

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The Fight is an awesome resource that is tailored to the children and the communities that are too often under resourced and misunderstood. With the right tools, we can change the narrative of how life plays out for these young "fighters". Thank you for creating such an incredibly important resource!

Mr. Terry Parham Jr.

About Dr. Brittany

Dr. Brittany Patterson is a licensed psychologist, author, speaker and consultant. She has served schools for more than a decade in various capacities and has specialized in school-based mental health services in underserved schools and communities. Dr. Brittany provides training and technical assistance to diverse school stakeholders on the impact of trauma and strategies to create safe, healing environments for students.


She is particularly passionate about identifying and building upon the strengths of youth and their communities to promote positive mental health and well-being. In fact, “The Fight” was inspired by five years of serving a Title I school in Baltimore City where she was consistently impressed by the gifts and talents of our “fighters” – students often “in trouble” for behavioral or emotional challenges. She found that invested adults, dedicated time, and ample skill building opportunities made a significant difference for the “fighters” and enabled many to not only survive but thrive!


Beyond her professional dedication to schools, Dr. Patterson is a proud daughter, sister and mommy! Her hobbies include spending time with her family over arts and crafts, food, outdoor sports, and reading. Ultimately, Dr. Patterson has one hope for all students, including her own children --

"You deserve safe spaces to learn and grow,

full of opportunities to share what you know, 

and elevation of your talents for obstacles foreseen, 

ensuring accomplishment of every goal and unseen dream."

- Dr. Brittany Patterson

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