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Author: Dr. Brittany Patterson

Illustrated By: Mrs. Shelly Echeverria


Insulted in front of peers, the main character must decide how to deal with her situation by choosing between the “Powerless” and “Powerful” fight. She unknowingly chooses the “Powerless” path where she encounters a series of consequences resulting in self-doubt and feelings of helplessness. As our protagonist begins to accept self-defeat, friends encourage her to fight in a different way and model how to focus on Feelings, Identity, Goals, Healthy Coping, and Thoughts (FIGHT) when faced with a difficult situation. The story concludes with the main character re-considering her options and responding to a final question: “Which fight will you choose?”

In addition to presenting a relatable plot, The Fight features diverse characters, representative illustrations, and reflection questions to assist readers with relating key messages to their real world experiences. The Fight is a one-of-a-kind resource encouraging proactive, intentional conversation about the problems, referred to as “fights,” youth will face in life and development of important skills that can help them navigate difficult situations with self-confidence and growth mindsets. This book is ideal for use with youth ages 9-17 and is now available on Amazon!  


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